Friday, 26 July 2013

meet.make.batwing cardigan.

So while Steph is away, Cindy and Hayley will play! This DIY clothing idea has been on our radar for awhile now, and we finally got up the courage to attempt it! Keep reading for our take on the 'easy' Batwing Cardigan!

One crafting skill set we have yet to acquire is the art of sewing! So when we saw this craft on Pinterest from this tutorial, we were excited to see it only required a few hand stitches to complete. We have a fetish for printed blazer/cardigan/shawl type pieces of clothing so we though how fun it would be to make our own original piece.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the fabric store - we looked like lost puppies! The sales lady thankfully took us under her wing and pointed us in the right direction. We choose chiffon material and purchased 1.5 metres for each of us figuring that would be just the right size so we wouldn't have to do any cutting...

Well, we figured wrong! It was WAYYYYY too much material... They were more like capes. Not quite the look we were going for! We ended up cutting it down to 1 metre (to cut, make a small slit and tear across).

On the upside - we now have left over fabric for another cool project!

To be honest, we weren't sure of them at first! We had to fiddle around with how to wear them... We thought this was possibly another craft fail but then they grew on us. They look and stay on better if you bunch at the neck and create a lapel-type fold. 

Now to see if we actually wear them out?? :P

Hayley's turned out great!! A fun piece to add to her already funky wardrobe!

This is Cindy's cardi but with Hayley modelling as it's not the MOST flattering item for a pregnant women to wear... Post baby birth is recommended :)

And there you have it! Our batwing cardi's... 
Yea or nay??? (You can be honest!)


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