Monday, 22 July 2013 room wall art.

Who' excited about all the ROYAL BABY buzz today?! We are, we are!! 

All this talk is getting us even more anxious for baby to arrive! Just over TWO weeks until our official due date but as most moms tell me, baby will come, when baby wants too! Sooooo we're making sure all is ready to go! Not quite the same caliber of preparations of the royal family but we have most of our ducks in a row as we await the big day...

As we decided not to find out baby's gender ahead of time, we went the neutral route for baby's room but mostly just picked colours that we like in general! After all, anything baby is cute :) And we figured we could decorate more once we know if our little bambino is a boy or girl. 

There hasn't been much crafting time/energy on my end these days but I really wanted to do some wall art before baby arrives and found a ton of ideas on Pinterest to brainstorm from. I knew I wanted an elephant picture of some sort and but that's about it! Stephanie and went to Michael's and picked up a couple of canvases and scrapbook paper and then used leftover craft supplies.

Supplies used:
- scrapbook paper
- buttons
- felt
- glue gun
- mod podge

We thought a tree would look nice, maybe a bird and just kinda went with it! Love how it turned out and it was fun to make! We'll probably do a few more to compliment these. 

My husband, Josh wanted to add something to the room and so decided to make a craft on his own! This is RARE occurrence (in terms of him crafting! He's just as or maybe even more excited for baby to arrive :) ... ) so I was super excited to come home and find supplies these block letters and paint for baby's wall. 

Right now, baby's name is 'little buddy" and will likely continue to call baby that even when baby has arrived so I think it was perfect for him to choose those words! Josh added our first ultrasound picture frame to balance the letters and I'm in love with this piece! All the credit for this one goes to him! 

We still have a few baby room decor crafts up our sleeves but may not get to them until after baby is here so stay tuned...

In the meantime, if you have any other cute ideas - let me know!

AND for the record - Hayley and I think Kate's having a girl... Queen Pippa! That's our bet :)


  1. how cute are you guys. I love this!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I totally want to have this in my room. :)
    And I also think you are having a girl. :)

  3. I love the cute simple design of this wall art. So perfect for baby - no matter what LIttle Buddy ends up being :).

    Good luck!!

  4. It was a boy!!! :-)

    The wall art looks great, especially the cute button eyes on the bird and elephant.

    And the man craft is just great! Well done on that Josh!

    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy. If you have time, I bet a cute bird mobile would look great in the nursery.


  5. This is really lovely, the colours are perfect for a girl or boy (and babies don't mind anyway) :)

  6. That's really great! I'm all for man crafts, too :-) And the two canvases are adorable. How about topping it off with a bird-shaped pillow? (Yeah, that sounds like me: suggesting lots of work to others while idly sipping my coffee, not doing any crafts at all right now ;-)

  7. So cute, and so impressed that the husband did a craft! Best of luck with everything!


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