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The idea of meet.make.laugh. came about when the three of us realized our definition of fun changed... As we get a little older, we don't have the same desire to go out to a club or bar every night to meet and hang out with friends. We want to actually enjoy our time with our girlfriends in a setting where we can relax, have fun, and actually hear each other speak! 

We have always enjoyed being creative, and decided to start planning some ladies nights "in" where we can meet new friends, make some crafts, eat snacks, partake in a few drinks, and enjoy each others company. 

This blog documents some of our favourite nights, as well as many of our other adventures as friends living the good life on Vancouver Island. 

Read a little more about each of us below! 

I'm Stephanie, an excel nerd during the day, who enjoys knitting, crocheting, and anything DIY. 

My husband Pat is a chef who works a lot of nights, so I often have time on my hands in the evenings to craft away in the company of friends, or with my kitten Stella. 

My other loves include board games and puzzles, reading anything and everything, and I do all of this most of the time with a glass of wine or a beer in hand. I love to eat (marrying a chef was no accident) and will try anything you put in front of me. So I don't gain a gazillion pounds while eating so much I take lots of dance classes and love it! 

Welcome to meet.make.laugh., we are so happy you have stopped by! :)

Heya! My name is Hayley.

I am a Registered Nurse with a love for DIY projects and my soon to be hubby Kyle.

I'm addicted to knitting and crocheting (seriously, I dream about it sometimes..), I can watch Sleeping Beauty all day every day, I have a weird obession with Phil Collins, and I could survive off nachos.

When I do finally put down the crochet hook and glue gun, I love to snowboard (hence my Bachelorette Party in Whistler!), dance - any excuse to make loud noises with my feet, run and hang out with these lovely ladies any chance I get!

My favorite projects tend to revolve around our Ladies Night's In. Though we would probably still get together, eat, drink and craft even without a blog.. the fact that we get to share it with YOU is just the cherry on top of a great evening!

Hey, I'm Cindy!

Wife to a Chef named Josh, soon-to-be mum :), self-proclaimed foodie, and a working woman in the exciting world of Human Resources (OK, it's not Hollywood but I love meeting new people and I get to do that everyday so life's good!).

My thrill for DIY comes from my urge for trying new things. I'm far from being the craftiest, most creative, or  blog-saavy of the bunch but I love the spontaneity and randomness in creating fun things from simple ideas. I can knit alright, I still need to learn how to crochet but I'm great with a glue gun if that counts for anything. Any time I get to spend with the gals, is time well spent...


  1. LOOKS GREAT LADIES. I love the matching pictures :) Can you redo mine? ;)

  2. I love it! Great job! You girls are so lovely! And the pictures are awesome!

  3. So cute! I love the window photos :-)
    With Luck Blog

  4. Oh, I love this. Your personalities really shine through. It is so great to know the girls behind the blog a bit better. :)

  5. What a great new About page! Great job - it definitely makes a huge difference =) Makes me wanna redo my own, too...

  6. Love this. And the marrying of the chefs? Love that too :-)

  7. Hey!! I am from Vancouver Island too!! Cool! Nice to meet you girls!

  8. Love your blog! It is so neat that all three of you share this space! Can't wait to read more!


  9. Awww - the three of you are darling! and fellow Canadians! yippee! glad to have found your blog. cheers.


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