Wednesday, 11 September 2013

meet.make.crochet sleepy owl hat.

So I received a 'not so subtle' hint from our friend Lindsay prior to the birth of her adorable baby Jack. The message went a little like "look at this hat! Isn't it so cute!"... Hmmm... I take this as "maybe you could make this for me?"
CHALLENGE (delightfully) ACCEPTED!

From her request, I decided to go with the original colors used in the pattern found on the Craftsy website; kind of a teal-y blue and brown combination. I thought this was a perfect combo, because at the time I began the hat, Lindsay didn't know the gender of her little one! (Apologies for the not so great pictures.. I have crummy apartment lighting..)

I also decided to tweak this creation just a tad, by actually combining this Owl Hat pattern, with the face of the original one. Seriously, have a look at the baby picture used for that particular pattern. How could you say no!

This hat came together really quickly. The only part that took the longest was weaving in the all the ends (something I'm sure all crocheters detest) from each layer of the eyes, lids and beak.

To add to the gift, I also decided to crochet some matching baby booties! I found this great pattern by Repeat Crafter Me that walked me through the project step by step.
I like the idea that 'not another typical owl' hat was made (as the pattern suggested) and I think the mash up of the two patterns workout out swimmingly! My husband Kyle thought the owl looked pretty weird.. but take a look at that little smirk. So cute!


  1. Great hat!

    I enjoy that you mixed together two patterns. I do that too! Or I start with a pattern and then deviate from it and make up the rest as I go. I only follow a pattern completely from beginning to end in VERY rare cases.


  2. So adorable! I really admire your ability to just combine two patterns, as if it was all that easy! Your friends are really lucky, girls! :-)

  3. I am in love! Looks so fantastic! The colors are very cute!

  4. I love it! it turned out so great! xo


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