Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The big 3-0.....

The day has arrived....... HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY CINDY! 

Happy 30th Birthday Cindy!

29 was a big year for Cindy. She got a new job, she and her husband Josh moved, and she got knocked up! She may have also partaken in lots of crafty fun with the ladies as well, which can be eventful too... right? 

29 will be nothing compared to 30 though, because a baby is on the way! And how perfect is it to be 30 weeks pregnant on your 30th birthday? 

So to our dear friend Cindy - wishing you the most amazing birthday and a wonderful and exciting year to come! Love ya! 


  1. Happy happy birthday, Cindy! Have a fabulous day and a wonderful new year of your life! <3

  2. Happy Birthday to Cindy and congrats on the growing family!

  3. Awe! Happy birthday Cindy and congratulations on the baby!! Best wishes!

  4. What a great card. All my friends are turning 30 right now. I need to catch up. :)

  5. Hsppy birthday Cindy! What an exciting year :-)

  6. 30 on the big 3-0!! Happy birthday! :)


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