Monday 3 June 2013

meet.make.bridesmaid dress DIY.

Bridesmaid Dress DIY

After all the planning it is hard to believe Hayley's wedding is finally over! The happy couple are off galavanting on their honeymoon and having a grand ol' time I'm sure. 

When Hayley asked us to be bridesmaids, we were so excited that we got to be part of the day. She decided on Navy for the dress colour, but then told us we could find any dress we like. After browsing on the internet for awhile, I decided on this dress from Modcloth. 

I liked the shoulder detail on the dress, but didn't feel it was appropriate for the wedding. Time to make a few changes!  

Bridesmaid Dress DIY

Ribbon or satin material cut into strips
Lace strips
Hot glue and glue gun
Sturdy safety pins

I started by removing the beads from the shoulder, which actually was quite easy as it was all one piece. I could have left it plain, but wanted to add a bit of a vintage pizazz.

Bridesmaid Dress DIY

I decided to braid together some ribbon and lace pieces into 5 separate braids. (These were leftover from another wedding DIY... details to come!) I then hot glued them in no apparent pattern on a piece of felt until it was covered. 

Bridesmaid Dress DIY

After that I simply pinned the felt piece to the shoulder of the dress! (So it can be removed for future occasions) I was really happy with the result, it totally suited the wedding and added a bit of character. The ribbons were a bit frayed on the edges where they were cut, but I didn't mind that it all and thought it actually added some texture to the piece.

Unfortunately at the moment I don't have a full picture of the dress being worn.... I will have to wait for Hayley to be back from her honeymoon for that!

Bridesmaid Dress DIY

Have you added any extra features to bridesmaid dresses?


  1. What a pretty dress, you can actually wear it to lots of occasions. I love navy as a dress color :-)

  2. Such a beautiful dress! Love your idea, Stephanie! Modcloth is such a great place to find dresses!

  3. What a pretty dress!

    I love what you did with it!


  4. Such a great way to add a personal touch to the dress! I love that you can remove it for a whole new look later on. :)

  5. Great custom idea for the dress. Can't wait to see more wedding pics :-)

  6. Holy cow it looks great!!! I loved the original beading and was sad to see it go - but I like what you did with it! And how great she let you pick out your own dress, gah!


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