Saturday, 9 February 2013 Hayley's Bridal Shower

In January, I had the privilege of travelling back to the prairies and being surrounded by some of my most favourite ladies. What for your ask? It was my BRIDAL SHOWER!! 
My family really made the event so incredibly special, and I wanted to share some of their AMAZING details of the day!

First off, how pretty are the invitations!? My cousin Codie and aunties Judy and Barb originally asked for the theme of the wedding, the colours, and then really ran with the ideas. Navy and Peach are our wedding colours! Yup, I'm thinking they look pretty good together.

Kyle and I are going for a vintage/antique vibe for the wedding day. What better way to celebrate that then with antique silver, tea and tiny goodies. All of the treats were so delicious and mostly made by hand!

If you couldn't already tell by reading our blog, I LOVE DIY projects. Kyle and I were engaged in Mexico, so to incorporate both ideas, they decided we should all decorate flip flops to take home! So clever! 

Check out these bridal give-aways my cousin Tiffany made! Little tulle-bride water bottles. Again, DIY fantastic!

On display were pictures from my family's wedding past. I love the changing wedding dress fashion fads. Classic.

I'm not great with flower design, or even knowing what particular flowers are called, so I put the idea in my aunt's head of "think like you just ran into your yard, and gathered some flower's and greenery to put on display". VOILA! This is what the florist came up with! They turned out so beautiful! 
Flowers in a sterling tipping teapot? I am truly inspired for our day.

As a surprise treat to my mom, they had her wedding dress on display! My mom wore yellow on her special day. How cool is she!

I know a lot of hard work went in to went in to planning this shower for me, and 10,000 "Thank-You's" can't even come close to expressing just how happy I was that day (can't you tell by my ginormous smile?). But, I'll give a few more now anyway! 
I am so honoured to have these ladies in my life. Thank you Auntie Judy for hosting the day and to my wonderful aunties and cousins for putting everything together. Thank you also to each and every other person who came! I feel like the luckiest girl to have such amazing people around me to share that day with. 

Oh, and also because I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!! xxoo


  1. Beautiful!! What a lovely day!

  2. It looks like a really special and happy day. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  3. It really looks stunning! Love the invitations and the flowers most of all =) And because I have a hard time focussing I am also totally in love with the stone wall in the background (I know, this wasn't the topic of the post, but awwwww!).

  4. how fantastic is this?!! love it! and the extra work that went into this day is just incredible! now i need a sterling silver teapot. xoxo congrats lady! xoxo

  5. This looked like so much fun! and you looked beautiful! love your dress :-)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Love all the ideas and that your mom had a yellow wedding dress! So cool!
    100 Days! Wooohooo!


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