Sunday 2 December 2012

meet.make.crochet-along: granny square pillows.

 A month ago, the two of us decided to join in with The Curious Pug for her November crochet-a-long. The pattern for the month was a granny square pillow, and we were excited to tackle the project! 

We got off to a strong start, picking colours and starting our squares right away. Hayley kept up the pace, and she managed to finish a WEEK early! So impressive! Stephanie on the other hand..... welllll lets say she was up late last night trying to finish.

There are so many possibilites you can take with a project like this. Color scheme choices, size of the sqares, size of the needle... watch out Grandma, these aren't your typical crochet squares.

We both loved this project and are so happy with the results!


I Love the look of granny squares! Especially knowing the fact that I can use up extra bits of yarn in my craft baskets. However, I don't like crocheting them enough to create more squares for the backside of this pillow. I decided to crochet a GIANT Granny Square for the other side, because it was easy, and I wanted to finish the project on time!.... Unlike some people (see below hehe). 

No, this pillow doesn't match a thing in my home, but really - neither does anything else I own (eg. a green, blue, red and yellow couch...). So let's make a pair!


I had lofty goals of finishing this project early.... obviously didn't happen! Like Hayley, after I finished enough squares for the front I decided I couldn't tuck in anymore ends. I decided to stripe the back of my pillow and create an opening with buttons so the cover is removable.

Even though I was cursing this project last night, I'm so glad it is done and I love the results. I really like the contrast of the squares on one side and stripes on the other!

Thanks so much to Alycia for hosting the crochet-a-long. What a great idea! Interested in joining in for December? Find the project here


  1. These came out so cute! I really like the idea of the buttons in the back, too. Nice job ladies!

  2. OMG your pillows look amazing!! i love the idea of the giant granny square on the back. making all those squares was rough lol. and the back of steph's with the buttons is adorable! thanks for playing along girls :)

  3. They turned out great! I love the colors that both of you worked with. I really need more crochet practice because I need a granny square pillow of my own.

  4. Nice work ladies!! Very impressive!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!! I LOVE your ideas for the back. I was going to make a fabric back - but, I love the idea of the big granny square - or even the stipes.
    Well - it's back to the hook for me!!

  6. Oh my, I love them! They look so cute! I want to try to make one too!


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