Wednesday 19 December 2012


Last Christmas, Cindy and I decided we would create the "oh so simple ornament wreath" seen all over the Pinterest boards. For us, it turned out to be a little bit of a Craft Fail, and landed in the trash after the holidays.
Please, don't be fooled by my photo editing techniques.
We shaped a metal coat hanger into a wreath/circle shape, then fastened ornaments along it. Note for future makers: 1. get more ball ornaments than you think you will need  2. shape your hanger wreath into a nice circle with pliers, not a flat pancake oval shape 3. patience.
While creating this post, Cindy informed me that she did not want to be affilated with her wreath, hence, no pictures.

This year I decided to tempt fate again and create the Yarn Wrapped Wreath, which again is seen all over the Pinterest boards and DIY blogs. The wreath is a classic necessary Christmas decoration that I really looking forward to making.

Supplies used:
  • foam in shape of a circle from michaels
  • yarn
  • felt
  • hot glue gun
  • plastic berries
  • needle and thread
  • Season finale of Sons of Anarchy
I started the project by wrapping the yarn nice and tight around the foam and securing with hot glue sporadically. The timing was just enough for the season finale of Sons of Anarchy. Does anyone else watch that show?? 
Oh Jax Teller...

Right. Back to the wreath.

The wrapped wreath was now my blank canvas. You could do ANYTHING you wanted at this point. I was inspired by this easy poinsettia DIY from HGTV. Putting together the poinsettia leaves was really fun! 
 Varying the sizes, colours, length of the petals and their shapes. It really didn't take much time at all. 

I then hot glued the gold fabric paper from our Santa Ornaments in the middle. Next time I would perhaps use a jewel or button to tie it all together, and add green leafs, for a fancier effect. Then glue the flowers to the wreath. Next I added the plastic berries.
Final Step. Hang on your front door!

I really love coming home to my creation everyday! Is it weird that I want to make a wreath for every season now?

Have you made a yarn wrapped wreath? Show us your creative talents!


  1. Wow, that is really beautiful! I love the huge felt poinsettas. I'm going to be pinning this for next year. Next year?! Nothing quite like planning early :-)

  2. I don't think it's weird at all! I made one this fall and now I want to make a million of them! Unfortunately, time got the best of me for the holidays. Love the way yours turned out!

  3. Oh, so beautiful! I never made one but definitely will next year!

  4. Oh.. this is jaw dropping gorgeous!
    I've already pinned it to my Wreaths board ;)

  5. Oh so pretty! Following your through GFC. I would love for you to share this at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase!

    Happy Holidays,

  6. SO pretty and finally a poinsettia I can't kill! hahaha

    Loved seeing this at the special link party supporting Sandy Hook last week. Hope you'll come to The Humble Brag link party today to see some features from last week and link up some more cool projects. We also give away free ad space every week! Happy Friday!


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