Friday, 2 August 2013 backdrop.

For our wedding, I was searching for something simple and fitting for our ceremony backdrop. After hours of trolling through Pinterest and many, MANY different ideas, the idea of the lace curtain was created.

When our RSVP numbers started coming in, we realized having our ceremony inside wasn't going to be an option. The Sea Cider had a white tent outside of the cider house that had clear sides so you could continue to admire the beautiful view, and you could even open them up. So you still felt like you were out/yet inside. 
I mean.. that VIEW!!
We wanted something that would 'frame our vows' but not take away from what the venue had to offer. The folks at Victoria Vintage Rentals, had put together these lace curtains for a wedding prior to ours, and as soon as they showed me I thought, PERFECT! 
They used a wooden rod, folded over and sewed two lace table cloths to it. You could have them lye flat, or with an opening (like curtains). We secured them open with some clothes pins and strips of lace.

We secured the curtain by hanging it along a tent pole with fishing wire (boy, did that wire sure come in handy)!
To coincide with framing our vows, I also came across this pin and decided immediately I had to incorporate the hoops somehow! Again, Vintage Rentals to the rescue!
Now don't get me wrong, this girl LOVES HER DIY. But when it gets to be only a few weeks before the big day, you're running around planning other wedding tidbits, and time slowly ticks away.... it is just wonderful when someone says "oh no problem, I'll make that for you!" (and cue deep siiiiiggghhhh)
Anywhoo, the hoops were created using different sized wooden embroidery hoops and either old doilies or pieces of lace table cloth. We used our fishing wire, and hung them ascending from the tent pole to sort of showcase the area. 

I can't forget to mention the FLOWERS! Wow!!!! I used Poppies Floral Art here in Victoria BC, and the arrangements turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. They took my idea of using flowers in teacups and tea pots, and just ran with the idea! I had two large vases placed on cider barrels on either side of the ceremony, and tea pot arrangements place sporadically around. 

With our first florist appointment, I'll admit I didn't really know much about flowers.. but you know who did? KYLE! Apparently my man has a green thumb :) He chose most of the flowers, decided on more greenery and a 'wild' look. Think, like you just went in to your garden and gathered random flowers to make a bouquet. So impressed!!


  1. So pretty! The embroidery hoops and teacups were such sweet touches too!

  2. I really love EVERYTHING about your wedding!

  3. It looks so pretty! The lace theme works so well with your dress :-)

  4. Lovely! I especially love the lace in the embroidery hoops. xoxo

  5. This looks so cute! That's a wedding I could totally get on board with! The hoops are a great idea, and the curtain backdrop is amazing!


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