Friday, 9 August 2013


A few months ago my lovely new sister-in-law Julia asked me to make some boutineers for their wedding. She didn't want to go the traditional flower route, and so I picked up some burlap, ribbon, jute cord and pearls to make something a little different!

After many failed attempts, I finally came up with something I liked! I cut the burlap into circles, stiffened them with hairspray, and then added different accents to each one. 

The wedding took place out in the back yard of Julia's family cabin, and it was BEAUTIFUL. The bouquets, altar and centerpieces were all made from wild flowers picked around the area (so many daisies, it was awesome!) and the boutineers matched the rest of the decor perfectly.

I attached a safety pin with hot glue to the back of each one so they were easy to pin on, as attaching with a straight pin would have been tough through the stiffened burlap.

Unfortunately at this moment I don't have any pictures of the boutineers being worn by the groom and groomsmen. They did look sharp on the lapel though! 

Congratulations again Andrew and Julia! I'm so glad I got to help out and be a part of your day!


  1. So beautiful! You are a genius! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are beautiful. I'm sure they added a really special touch to the day. I like that they are each a little different. Smart idea to stiffen the burlap with hairspray! I'll remember that :).

  3. These are so pretty, simple, and unique. I love DIY's! The color choices are really pretty too .

  4. Ohh these are SO lovely! I think I'll be making the boutonnieres for our wedding out of similar materials. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. These are adorable! Do you put your photos through a filter because I love the slightly aged look!


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