Monday, 26 November 2012

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!

Happy Monday... but more importantly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEPHANIE!!!

We want to wish our wonderful friend a fabulous day full of sweet treats and surprises, and to take comfort in the fact that we are all getting old together :) We just got ID'ed the other day so we must be doing something right! 

Cheers to Stephanie for a fun and exciting year ahead! How about some DQ ice cream cake?! 


  1. Happy happy happy birthday Stephanie! Have a wonderful day! I am thinking of you! You are awesome!


  2. Congratulations for your blog, really well done, i will follow you.if you should become my supporter on my italian blog, I'll wait ..

  3. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE it when I get carded these days (it rarely happens anymore). If anyone thinks I'm remotely close to 21, I'm over the moon - ha!

  4. Oh, Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great one!! :)

    Hope you got that ice cream cake!! Yum!


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