Wednesday, 25 July 2012

meet.make.beach day craft fail.

The day started off promising.... the weather forecast looked good, and we had plans to make amazing crafts all day at the beach!

We arrived at the beach to cloudy weather.... and it stayed that way. All day. 
Strike one.

We started by trying to craft some fun and cute wire rings. Inspired by this pin and this pin. Initially we thought this would be a quick and easy project. Turns out it was more complicated then expected. They turned out ok... but wouldn't you know it- the wire we picked makes our skin itch! So not really worth wearing. 
Strike two.

We then moved onto bracelets. We thought the mixing wire and embroidery thread could could make for a nifty project. 

Turns out Hayley knew what she was doing.... this looks good! Steph and Cindy on the other hand.... not so much. I think NAILED IT is the appropriate term here. 

To top the day off... the mocktail we had made the day before, turned out to not last very well overnight. The pear and melon combo turned kind of brown and smelled like bad fruit. Ew. *Note to self. Drink the "Taste of Summer" fresh that day.
Strike three.

So in the end, we gave up trying to come up with new crafts and moved on to our new favourite past-time, crocheting. This was the best choice we could have made... our half done blankets kept our legs warm in the not-so-nice weather. 

As much as this day turned out to be an ultimate craft fail, we still had a great time getting outside and hanging out with good friends on the beach. Stopping for deep dish pizza and beer on the way home also helped!

What is your biggest craft fail? We would love to hear about your projects gone wrong.... maybe it will make us feel better. Haha.


  1. I love this post because I fail at projects almost too much! Grrrr for pinterest making it all look easier than it is!!!
    Thanks for making me feel better about some failed attempts!
    Love the pictures!!!

  2. Amen! I post fail on my blog too! I think my biggest one yet was the frosted glass tea lights....UGH!

  3. Hey there! I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll take a second to check out my site and follow me back! I'd appreciate the support :-)

    SO glad to read of a fellow craft "failer" like myself! Haha you are NOT alone. I attempted a "scrap" scarf that looked amazing on pinterest... and mine looked like a homeless man tied garbage scraps together by necessity to keep warm. It was terrible and laughable! But you always gotta keep trying! Glad you made light of a bad day and kept pushing through! :-)

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

  4. that is so awesome that you guys spent the day doing this with each other. i love all the photos. those rings are just fabulous. :)

    have a great rest of the week.


  5. I love this fail DIY post! You typically hear about them on other blogs, but you never get to see them! I thoroughly enjoyed this ;) I found your blog via the bloglovin' blog hop. New follower!

  6. I've had many crafting fails! :)

    I'm a new follower and would love if you could stop by my blog "Southern Belle Way" at

  7. Yea, no worries :). You're amongst friends w the craft fail! Thanks for joining I the Bloglovin Blog Hop!

  8. aww well it looks like you ladies made the absolute best of it despite your hang ups :D


  9. I want to hear your secrets!!
    Stop on by...

  10. Lol,
    Steph that face you have on is great. :) Ha ha ha. By the way I posted that blanket pattern you wanted. ;)
    Your cuz Steph

  11. I just came across your blog via the bloglovin' blog hop and I am so glad I did!! Your posts are so much fun!! Looking forward to keeping up with all of your new posts in the future. I need to start hosting craft night in with my crew!! :)

  12. It's good to know that I'm not alone in crafting fails. :)

  13. HAhaha, my whole life is a crafting fail!

  14. I love that you posted a fail! Perfect!

  15. Usually my crafts are not the problem, but hurting myself in the process. Glue guns? Keep them away from me. Needles? Bloody fingertips. The price you pay ;-) But I love that you're sharing your fails, too - some bloggers are too glossy and perfect, and that is just not reality!


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