Thursday, 2 May 2013 Hayley's Bridal Shower #2

High Tea Bridal Shower - DIY teapot

Last month, we decided to hold a second bridal shower for Hayley out here in Victoria. Her first shower was back home in Edmonton, and unfortunately we were not able to attend the festivities. 

It was an easy choice for a theme! Hayley's always wanted to do high tea since moving to the island and Victoria has some great options perfect for an intimate affair. After looking through the various venues, we decided on Venus Sophia Tea Room. It's quaint, eclectic style was the perfect atmosphere to shower our lovely friend! We would highly recommend it to anyone in the area looking for a bridal shower venue. 

We couldn't resist adding some DIY elements to the shower. We started with some tea satchel gifts for the shower guests, filled with Love Tea #7 from David's Tea. Steph also crocheted a cute navy flower brooch for Hayley to wear.

We also purchased a plain white tea pot and filled it with handmaid fabric flowers. We then got all the guests to write a little message for the bride-to-be with sharpies, and baked it using this tutorial. We wanted Hayley to have a little memento for the day! 

It was a perfect afternoon to celebrate the blushing bride-to-be!

The three of us got decked out in our florals and fascinators for the event! (psst - how cute is pregnant Cindy??? ~Steph) 

Congratulations Hayley! We are so excited to celebrate your big day in less than a month! 


  1. Wow, it looked like a lot of fun! I really like the whole tea theme! Thanks for sharing! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  2. I love this idea! The tea pot is so precious! Your girls are absolutely wonderful!

  3. Love the DIY elements in your shower! Love the tea theme too, it's really spot on! =)

  4. that is so super cute!!! love all of the DIY elements too! i've never heard of venus sophia tea room. how crazy is that! i sooooo want to go now! xo

  5. Such a lovely time! I adore the signed teapot. Also, now I'm gonna have to look up the love tea at David's tea. I'm intrigued!! You guys already made me a David's tea lover!

  6. Gotta love high tea! What a great day :-) I love David's tea and have my Canadian suppliers ;-)

    The last picture of all three of you is so cute.


  7. What a great idea for a shower! Now I'm wondering if I can throw a party like that for myself. Ok, jealous. Congrats and best wishes Hayley!

  8. What a lucky friend :)

    I love this theme. It's very lady like! I may steal this idea.

  9. Popped over from The Perfect Pear's blog party - what a fab idea x


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