Thursday, 17 January 2013

meet.make.mulled wine.

Well the holidays are officially over. I can still pretend right? One of my favourite things during the holiday season is making mulled wine. It brings back memories of gluhwein at German Christmas markets. As you can see below... I have a few clay glasses saved from Christmas markets past which I am always excited to pull out.

The recipe I have used to make the wine is from The German Kitchen. The only thing that I do differently is add a few extra cinnamon sticks and cloves. 

You may be thinking that we sure enjoy drinking over here at meet.make.laugh.... but it seems hard not to during the holiday season when surrounded by friends! 

This is a great beverage to enjoy on a cool day to warm you up!  Even though the holidays are officially over, this treat will definitely keep you warm during the upcoming chilly months! Enjoy!


  1. My Mom makes the best mulled wine! I just love it... probably a little too much. Maybe I'll make some this weekend :).

  2. I've never had mulled wine before. Thanks for the link to the recipe! I'll have to give it a try. A plus... if I make it now I can keep that holiday season feeling around a bit longer. Cheers! :)

  3. Oh, I am a huge fan of Glühwein! I like that you add cinnamon too!

  4. I love mulled wine! I feel like the more cinnamon you use the better it tastes. =)

  5. Ah I made my first batch in December, it's just the best!! Perfect winter treat!

  6. I love mulled wine (I guess everyone agrees on that... ha ha)! My mom and grandma always used to make their own, but our local vineyard offers their very own which is really good, so I hardly make any myself.

    Too bad that many stores only sell very sweet mulled wine, which also gives you a terrible headache. The taste of your Glühwein depends totally on the quality of wine you use.

    Two thumbs up for sharing this! The world needs more (and better) mulled wine! =)


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