Friday, 4 May 2012

Oh So Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks made easy... and unintentionally!

Steph and I just like food, any food, so kudos to us for making some healthy options this time around. Our usual go to is anything that involves a lot of butter, oil, and all the things they say you are suppose to keep minimal in your diet. Who are "they" anyways?! We tend to take after our Chef husbands... 

We wanted to see what all the hype was about kale chips, so we followed this Martha Stewart recipe.

Apparently kale is a super food. It's likely the amount of salt we added counteracted it's nutritious value but we had to compromise. They were heavenly! So quick and effortless to make. It may not be the most pretty or presentable dish but the taste makes up for it.

Next we tried out this chickpea recipe from cupcake project.

The chickpeas recipe combo seemed interesting with the cinnamon spice and we are always down for trying new things. One word - yum!!! Very addictive and a great alternative to nuts. Not a main course dish but a great party snack. Possibly an idea for Christmas holiday treats to giveaway... ? 

Have less than an hour to put together some tasters for guests and don't have much in your kitchen to work with? Kale chips and cinnamon chickpeas. Keep these two recipes handy!

Happy healthy-ish eating!


  1. Seeeeee, I told you kale chips were delicious!! I really want to try the chick peas!

  2. I just had to add that instead of salt you could do what I do and use spicy seasonings. I usually go with my standards - cayenne or curry powder. But, lately I have been going through mustard powder like crazy. Mustard powder has all the zip of wasabi with only half the bite.


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